Tired of being tracked by cookies ?

We are now offering proxy services!

Put those websites that track you by your cookies and IP address on notice . The only one that needs to know your browsing habits, is you. With our proxy services, there’s no complicated configuration. When you setup your account on our new service, we will email you the connection information and password. You enter it following the instructions and start browsing the internet without fear.

For those people with kids, you can even setup restricted access so the user can’t go to bad sites. The power is in your hands.

Send us a private message and we will be happy to get you going.

New service coming

We will be shortly bringing a new service online, with pretty cool features!

We will be adding a home inventory feature. This service will provide the following benefits:

  • Full home inventory defined by multi floor ability and room categorization.
  • Multiple pictures for each item available.
  • Item receipt storage
  • Insurance documentation storage
  • Serial number recording
  • Manufacture model # and cost
  • Report generation for easy insurance reporting
  • Plus many more features to be announced

Check back with us often, the service launch date will be announced right here.

Policy update

All transactions on our site are logged

From the start of our site, we have logged every access to our site by IP address.

What we find interesting is the fact that these malefactors are under the impression that we have no firewall in place. Quite the opposite is true. We actually have numerous security features active.

We have a firewall which is quite complex on our router which is facing our internet connection. This router sends specific types of data to specific servers. Because we use several servers, these data sources are isolated from our indexing servers. So one without the other is just an unidentifiable mass of encrypted data. Which is also encrypted at the drive level.

Each server also has complex firewalls. Which limit ports and data types even between each other.

In the past few days, we have seen numerous attempts to get too our databases. All failed miserably. These databases are also only accessible by our internal IP network. So even if someone could have gotten to them, they would have been torched by our ip rules on those db servers.

We have been trying to decide if we would publicly shame these attempts by country and IP address. Stay tuned..

Email services

Tired of being inundated by spam and phishing scams? Ask us how we can make your inbox lighter. Email that’s accessible from anywhere you have an internet connection, as long as you have a browser. If you want to keep your current software, you can use it too.

Your email stays on our secure servers. So it can follow you anywhere anytime.

We offer:

  • Encrypted connection
  • True active spam blocking, our email servers learn with each one. Getting smarter.
  • All emails are validated back to the origination. If the sender domain and originating IP address dont match, its usually a phishing email.
  • Our servers require secure connection from the originating server. Most spammers system use clear text transfers.
  • Choose from 4 different domain addresses.
  • Our email servers use encrypted databases on separate servers to keep information from being on the same machine it comes in on.

If you are thinking we are a bit obsessed about security, you’re right! We believe that sensitive info needs to be behind firewalls, on machines that are not on the public connection. Yet fluid enough that our clients don’t notice the speed difference.

Ask us about you next email service with us and how we can keep you from being bombarded by advertisements like on Yahoo, Google or hotmail. Like you all we want to do is access our email with out have to use a shovel to dig the the pounds of adverts and spam.